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Even today, 70% SMEs in India still create bills on paper. Being that, most of their productive time is consumed in making manual entries and calculations. When small things go wrong, the entire business goes down, simply because there is no place to fall back. Not having the resources can really wear out the business owner driving them away from doing what matters most. Small Business Accounting needs a Digital Upgrade. An upgrade that is simple yet effcient. We are trying to bring in a simpler and customize solution that works for them and hence MYTECHIN!

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POS Biling Software

Customized and user friendly application to your business.It has many module to track the business flow

Digital Library

Record, manage & track your business activities digitally on your PC, Add a new book or allot a book to any one it track transactions automatically.

Textile Software

We understand that just an order taking software or just an ERP software is not most efficient in today’s technology world. That’s why our customize Software has been designed to provide end-to-end, real-time, end-point connected information to optimize operations enabling you to take the right decision at the right time.

Many more cutomize softwares

In simple terms we'll become your very own team of creative geniuses, on-line strategists and friendly geeks to boost your business.

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